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Who We Are

The State of Tennessee has designated our program a Center of Excellence for Children in State Custody and our services extend to 10 Rural East Tennessee counties and Hamilton County. The counties we serve are: Hamilton, Grundy, Meigs, McMinn, Polk, Bradley, Monroe, Sequatchie, Marion, Rhea and Bledsoe.

The SECOE assists the Department of Children's Services and local community providers in identifying and assisting in highly complex in custody and at-risk cases. Our consultation, diagnostic and care plan development services are available to the Department of Children's Services, Department of Health, community providers and Best Practice Network providers involved in the care of children in or at-risk for custody. Our services include: comprehensive care management and care coordination services, comprehensive case review, medication consultation and limited medication management, neuropsychological and psychological assessment services.

To make a COE referral, contact your DCS Well-Being Unit psychologist. The DCS psychologist will triage the case by discussing the issues, concerns, and problems to determine if other interventions or referrals are indicated and/or what type of COE service to request. If the referral is deemed appropriate, please click here for the Referral Form and complete the requested information. A confirmation email will be sent to you, the Well-Being Unit psychologist, and the COE.



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This project is funded under an agreement with the state of Tennessee